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Sumatran coffees are known for their unique earthy flavor and this organic, fairly-traded bean is no exception. On the nose you’ll enjoy hints of cocoa, berry and clove. In the cup flavors of chocolate cherry truffle and slightly spicy flavors unfold. Dark roasted to perfection, this coffee is sweet, smooth, full bodied, moderately acidic with a mild earthy finish.

12 oz.


KSU Gayo Mandiri was established on November 2008 by the Ministry of Cooperatives, and in the present days counts with 1294 members. The coffee production is done by the cooperative members and commercialized by the cooperative. In the pursuit of quality, KSU has implemented new teaching and consulting strategies to help the producers to achieve better quality. The cooperative facilitate the know how of the usage of organic fertilizers among the producers.

Gayo and Javanese women work together under the shade coverings as they hand sort beans from the villiages near Takegon. Most of these women are widows from the Free Aceh conflict that only ended in 2005. Hopefully this aides in the healing of this troubled region that was also devastated by the Tsunami on the twenty sixth of December 2004. The cooperative has been developing an area of 100 hectares for Arabica production, which will start to produce in early 2015.

Region/Co-op:  Kampung Simpang Lancang – Gayo Madiri Cooperative
Altitude:  1,200 – 1,500 meters (4,000 – 5,000 ft)
Process Method:  Wet Hulled/Traditional Sumatran
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
Varieties:  Lini and Caturra


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Weight 12 oz

We small-batch roast for each order three times a week. Your order will then be shipped via USPS priority mail to ensure the freshest, best-tasting coffee. Shipping charges are $6 for the first 12oz bag and $0.50 additional per bag.

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    My absolute favorite coffee!

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