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ROAST:  Light

This Catuai and Bourbon varietals is one of our finest offerings yet! This coffee has yummy hints of honey and raspberry. The overall cup is bright, smooth, crisp and clean with plenty of body. Dark roast lovers don’t be afraid of coming over to the lighter side; this delicious Honduran just might have you sold!  12oz


María Cristina Martínez, named her farm as Nueva Esperanza in honor of her first-born daughter. She is a founding member of COMSA. Maria began to grow coffee in 1997, with the use of all the technologies available at that time. The land where the farm is now located was purchased more than thirty years ago during a community development program that encouraged the cultivation of green coffee. Since then, they concentrated on planting coffee of special varieties such as bourbon and catuaí, which allowed them, at a family level, to gain experience in the world of coffee. At first, Maria’s farm produced conventional coffee, until the year 2000, which is when Engineer Rodolfo Peñalba visited her family and invited them to practice organic agriculture, mentioning the advantages and benefits of this practice; since that year, they have been training and putting all their efforts to transform their farm and their way of thinking, towards a philosophy of life. María Cristiana has always had the support of her husband Victorino Meza, who has gained a lot of experience in the process of specialty coffees. María Cristina, details that: “In the 2016-2017 harvest, guided by COMSA, we began to work with more complex coffees. Our natural coffee, obtaining a cupping score of 88.5, provided my family with a well-deserved award which represented our family effort after many years working with coffee “.

Region/Co-op:  Marcala, Honduras/COMSA
Altitude:  1,245 meters (4,084ft)
Certifications: USDA Organic
Process: Washed and sun dried
Variety: Catuai & Bourbon

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Weight 12 oz

We small-batch roast for each order three times a week. Your order will then be shipped via USPS priority mail to ensure the freshest, best-tasting coffee. Shipping charges are $6 for the first 12oz bag and $0.50 additional per bag.

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  1. Jerda Smeltzer (verified owner)

    Wonderfully flavorful and smooth! We really liked all of the Steel Cup Coffees we tried, but the “Honduras Light Roast” emerged our very favorite to start the day. Yum!

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