ROAST:  Light

This single origin Catuai is one of our finest offerings yet! This coffee has yummy hints of caramel, panela and honey. The overall cup is bright, smooth, crisp and clean with plenty of body. Dark roast lovers don’t be afraid of coming over to the lighter side; this delicious Honduran just might have you sold!  12oz


This certified organic coffee was directly sourced from La Silvestre Farm – A family-owned farm growing and harvesting quality micro-lots. Francisco Urquia is a renowned farmer in an world class coffee producing region such as La Paz Honduras. He founded the farm about 40 years ago and started working with arabica varieties such as Catuaí and Pacamara. Their farms are located in Florida de Marcala, a village between 1,460 and 1,613 m.a.s.l, were their high elevations and blessed lands create a comfort zone for a tremendous quality coffee. The positive effects produced by the trees maturation and the low temperatures of the area result in a complexity of flavors, perfumed aromas, fine acidity,smooth velvet bodies and strong notes of orange, peach and plums. The Urquia family is extremely charismatic and very well known for involving their new youthful generation into following the legacy of their high quality coffee. They have done many contributions to the socio-economic development in the area with reforestation and educational programs to enhance the life quality in Marcala which is home to some of the greatest coffees in the world.

Region/Co-op:  La Paz, Honduras/La Silvestre Farm
Altitude:  1,400 – 1,600 masl (4,600 – 5,250 ft)
Certifications: Organic, Direct Trade
Process: Semi-washed and sun dried
Variety: Catuai

Additional information

Weight 12 oz

We small-batch roast for each order three times a week. Your order will then be shipped via USPS priority mail to ensure the freshest, best-tasting coffee. Shipping charges are $6 for the first 12oz bag and $0.50 additional per bag.


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